Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Done at Peet's Coffee & Tea. I'm going to further develop far right one on the second row from the top.

I had an all too brief one on one conversation with my (guessing) 70 year old teacher today. He graduated from Art Center years ago and was saying how difficult it was for him to get a job, much less get a good portfolio, although I'm sure he was being modest about that last part. It wasn't until he got serious around his age at 35 when doors started opening for him, and now the guy is a complete rockstar artist - he demoed for 3 hours today without taking a break, and what he's brought in is amazing.

But hearing his struggles about leaving the student life and entering the professional world was just what I needed to hear after last night. One of my classmates several months ago made an offhand comment about how you must be obsessed with this career to make it - that really stuck with me. It's not easy; but then nothing in life that's really worth it is.

Deep thought for the night.

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